Take part in our growing network
Take part in our growing network
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 Where we come from will define our entire life.



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Help us fight for the right of general medical care.



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Medical care for every person is not impossible.



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We work hard to bring medical care to refugees.



      Our CARE

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Transnational Medicine is a Network of Doctors who are willing to provide medical care for people without a Insurance and a local passport or visa.
The network provides rapid access to informations on the location and availability of medical services without the fear of prosecution.


Medical issues and the need of medical care can happen to everyone, everyday. This includes people who had to flee from their country, recently moved to another one, lost their jobs or lost everything and are living on the streets. To be totally honest it can happen to anybody. This is why Transnational Medicine is providing free of charge information and medical care for these persons. 

Please care about this issue and share this!

If you are a Doctor, Nurse, Pharmacist or Psychologist we need you in our network. Your total expenses will be payed by us if you treat a refugee.



Medics contact us:

doctors [at] transnational-medicine [dot] org



     Our CAUSE

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We want you to understand why it is not only important to us, it is important for Europe.


Only in Germany, a coutry with 86 million people, there are round about 9 million immigrants. These are just 10% of the population, but from these 9 million, 3.2 million are living under the condition in Germany, that they do not have the permanent right to stay or no rights at all if they are illegal refugees. Mostly, these refugees have no medical care insurance or a job at all.

So when they get sick, they have more than just one problem. If they go to the doctor or hospital they are forced to pay the provided medical care out of their pocket. Besides, they are always afraid to get prosecuted by the local authorities. 


We want to get free of charge medical care to these people in Europe, they shall no longer be afraid to get to the doctor or hospital. We want to take care of them and also take care about the costs.


Pharmacists contact us:

pharmacists [at] transnational-medicine [dot] org


     Our WORK

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So there you go, out of 505.7 million peole in Europe, 20.4 million are immigrants. These are just 4 % of the european population. But out of these 20.4 Million people 1/3 have no medical insurance or a job.


This is because they may not be legal immigrants. They are illeagal refugees in the country they live in now. Mostly because they had to flee their own native coutry, out of a war, a catastrophic climate cause or out of the need to seek work in Europe, to earn money, to provide for their loved ones at home.


One third out of 20.4 million people means we have 6.8 million people in Europe who do not have a medical insurance or a leagal job. If they get sick they are frightened to get medical care, because of prosecution.


We provide free of charge medical care for these and other people who do not have a medical insurance. Do you care?

Help us, it's pretty easy.


Medical Professionals contact us:

medical.professionals [at] transnational-medicine [dot] org

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