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Take part in our growing network

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If you would like to donate for refugees and other humans without access to medical care, you can do this by donating your time and workforce. We are constantly expanding our network of doctors, pharmacists and medical professionals.


Refugees, homeless persons and other humans are always in need of clothes, food, beds and other helpful stuff. If you would like to donate anything like this, you are gladly welcome, please write us an email.


Our organization is small and efficent when it comes to management and costs. But it is big in delivering directly medical aid to the places where it is needed. As for the moment, out of every monetary donation, 96% goes directly to the project and helps to provide medical care for the persons in need. Other organizations have a efficency of 74% to 87%, this is due to the fact that they are bigger and have a organizational strukture with more persons involved.


Our goal is maximal efficiency in every part. This is why we do not have a big represantative office, we do not spend money on costly, non efficent ways of advertising. We chose to provide a internet based solution to connect doctors with refugees. In some regions, that vary by demand, we provide direct, active medical care provided by our own rapid medical intervetion group.


If you would like to support our work and donate for the medical treatment of refugees, you can do this directly here through PayPal donations, safe and secure.

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